October 20, 2010

The Rules

On occasion I am privileged to see into the minds of my children. The other day was one such occasion. As we were driving in the car this was the conversation.

Boston: "Mom, Mom, Mom... (pause) Mom, where's my candy?"

Mom: "I think we left it in the diaper bag."

Boston: "No we didn't!"

Mom: "Yeah we did. Remember, we ate some at church?"

Remington: "But we aren't supposed to take candy to church."

Mom: "You are right Remington."

Remington: (mockingly) "But we did."

Mom: (smile)

Remington: "Mom, if you don't listen at church you have to talk in front of everyone."

Boston: "Yeah and if you don't be quiet you have to go in the hall where they won't hear you."

I love my boys!

October 17, 2010


The other morning, we were getting ready to go out and enjoy the day. As usual, we were waiting on Boston. I had asked him to get dressed at least a half dozen times. Finally Ryan gave in and escorted him to his room to help him pick his clothes. Boston decided he needed to wear shorts so he pulled out an item of clothing, inspected it, "Pants," then chucked it over his shoulder. Next he pulled out some camo shorts and paused. He looked at dad and said "these pants are dangerous".... and he put them on.