November 14, 2010

Random Moments of Happiness

I am a mom, therefore I get frustrated and impatient quite often. Even though things get stressful at times, I feel blessed to have little moments in my life that make me realize what is really important. These moments make me smile, laugh, and thank my Heavenly Father for my boys. So, I thought I would list some of the little things my boys do that make me smile on a regular basis. (Some of these may sound sarcastic, but they really do make me smile.)

My boys busting out some hip-hop dance moves every time I turn up the music.

Their universal scamper when they are excited to go somewhere.

The request for mommy snuggle time.

The nightly hugs and kisses from boys that are mandatory or else the world will fall apart.

The fact that it takes 20 minutes to read through one short childrens book because they are so curious about everything on each page.

The wonderful communication that we have when one of us is busy and seems to be tuned out. "Mom, mom, mom (moving closer to my face), mom, mom... (eye contact) mom did you know.." "Boston will you... (no response) Boston, Boston... Boston, look at me.. (eye contact) will you put that in the sink."

When they get the giggles while riding in the car.

When they randomly sing primary songs while they play with their toys.

The first (and every) heartfelt "I love you mom."

The first smile and first random question of the day when they are getting out of the bed.

The look of excitement on their faces when they get to help bake a cake.

The fact that they will fight over who gets to scrub the sink or sweep the floor. Then adamantly refuse to pick up their toys.

The look of awe on Josh's face when he experiences something new. For example, splashing the bath water or crinkling a candy wrapper.

The thrill my boys get from watching their favorite (memorized) movie in Spanish.

The list goes on... And the laughter too!

November 7, 2010

My Baby

It is about time that I blog about my littlest little boy. My little Josh is my miracle baby. There were times, during my pregnancy, that it was uncertain if I would ever get to hold him. So you can imagine my joy everyday when I get to cuddle him. He is perfect! He is my sweet little guy and I love his happy little smile. I really don't know what our family would do with out him. He fits right in with the other little mischievous personalities in our home. I am such a lucky mom!

This weekend I went out of town for a girls weekend and left the boys to hangout with Dad. When it got close to bed time I received a call from Boston saying in a sad voice, over and over, that he needed me.

Later that evening Ryan told me that Remington had said when he thinks of me he can smell my coat and it smells like white chocolate. That boy knows his mom so well!

The best moment was when I returned home. I walked in the door and my little Josh squealed with excitement and scooted over to me as fast as he could. When I picked him up he latched on to my neck, giggled, buried his head in my shoulder and wouldn't let go. He couldn't stop giggling for the next half hour. It was so cute! It made my heart melt!

My boys are wonderful! I love their tenderness! I love their curiosity! I am in debt to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with them.