January 2, 2011

Kids say the darnedest things

It is often said that "kids say the darnedest things." Well, lately I have been noticing the silly little things my boys have been saying and thought they would make a great blog post.

As we drove up into our driveway after visiting with family across town, Remington said, " Oh mom, I thought you were already inside doing the dishes."

When we were at a birthday party recently, we turned off the lights to sing happy birthday and Boston interrupted the party with "I can't see! ...I can't see anything! ...Where did I go?!!"

While driving to the store Remington asked so hopefully, "Mom, next time we move, can we move to the lighthouse?"

One night, after telling Remington that he couldn't take out the rings that held a book together, he said, "Mom, when you are sleeping I will come and watch you and make sure you are sleeping. Then I will sneak downstairs and get these rings." (such an honest boy)

When Boston was climbing all over Dad's lap trying to see what was on the computer he paused and started to get worried. "Dad! Your nose has hair in it!"