March 22, 2011

What is your treasure?

This past weekend we went to Grandpas house and Remington's dreams came true! Dad and Grandpa built him a real treasure chest.

There is something so exciting about having a secret under lock and key! Both Remington and Boston have been finding special little items to put in their treasure chests only to doubt the value and remove it an hour later.

So we decided to learn the value of a treasure.
First... the pirate loot!!! Oh, they were so excited to have MONEY in their treasure chests! Just think of all the CHOCOLATE that could buy me! Oops.. I mean, think of all the candy and toys they could have!

Then we opened up another treasure. Our family! The Savior Jesus Christ! The Temple! Scriptures! Our family Memories!

They were more curious about this treasure than the money and shiny jewelry. They immediately discovered the difference in value. Our family and the gospel of Jesus Christ are definitely a treasure to keep safe and secure. Whereas, the money, though exciting, is something that would be used and would soon be gone.

Since they were struggling to find something worthy of keeping for a long period of time, we gave them each a special journal to draw and record memories. They couldn't wait to start drawing and were coming up with ideas of special moments to record, starting first with watching dad and grandpa make them their treasure chests.

Now, quietly the treasures sit nestled carefully under their beds as they sleep, keeping the time they have spent with their family safe.