June 26, 2011


This weekend we took our camper trailer out to Mineral Mountain. We started up the dirt road and soon we could see little dark spots on the road. I didn't think anything of it for a while. Then I realized they were mormon crickets. I started having flash backs of girls camp those many years ago. Crickets dive bombing your hair from the trees. Crickets crawling up your pant legs while you walk. Crickets creeping and screeching all around you. I started to shudder.
Despite my fears and feeble attempts at talking my husband into driving an extra hour to another campground, we set up camp. The boys started a search for crickets and watched them for a while. Then Dad pointed out to the boys that if they touched the crickets, they would screech and run away. That was the beginning of the greatest game ever! The boys walked from cricket to cricket poking each and watching them scream and hop. Lucky for me I got to sit in my camp chair and when a cricket came too close for comfort I would call out and the boys would come and scare them away.
The rest of the trip was enjoyable. Josh actually slept in his own sleeping bag ...most of the time. Boston had his usual episode of sleep talking and bossing Remington in his sleep. We hiked up the mountain looking for quarts crystals without much luck. Then we happened upon a geologist who spent an hour showing us how and where to dig. We found lots of rocks that the boys thought looked "so cool." They ended up with all their pockets filled with rocks and they walked all the way back to the truck tugging at their pants trying to keep them up.