January 29, 2012

Life with the Anderson's

Most days we are pretty much AWESOME... heroic to say the least!

Other days... well, we're down right messy!

Some days we get a little silly.

I'll admit it... we even play with our food.

The majority of the time we are outdoorsy.

Especially when it's snowy!

Maybe even a little fishy sometimes.

We tend to get a little noisy.
On the rare occasion you might even find us sumo wrestling.

We're not afraid to show our muscles.

After a long day there isn't a problem a little chocolate pudding can't solve.

When we get the time, we kick back and relax...

..and watch a sunset or two ..or three.

Christmas 2011

This was the first time we stayed at home for Christmas. It was nice not to have to pack, load everything and everyone and then travel... very peaceful.

Remington got a MP3 player.

Santa gave Josh a Nerf gun.
Boston soaked up the magic by eating his candy and opening presents at the same time.

My good looking boys getting ready for Church and not wanting to let go of their finger lights.

We also celebrated the season by having our first annual gingerbread nativity party.


It's a little late but... Halloween was a treat!

Pumpkins galore!

Jedi missionaries and Jedi bats

My Knight in shining Armour

..And, of course, the cRaZy old cat lady herself