September 26, 2010


Often dinner is cooked, if the cooking of dinner involves Dad, as little cooking as possible is involved.

One particular night, however, Mom had grilled some lovely salmon with garlic and lemon. Dads contribution to the meal was significantly simpler. He had purchased some California rolls and was happy to contribute.

Boston had never seen this dish and, like any two year old, was curious as to the content of the confection. This prompted him to ask what it was. Like any good father, Dad explained. "This part is rice, this part is seaweed, and this is crab." Dad said indicating each component respectively.

Boston's eyes focused on the roll. "This part is crab." he said, pointing to the middle.

"Yes." Dad said.

Boston's brow wrinkled slightly and his voice lowered just a bit as he said "This part here?"

"Yes." Dad said again.

Brow still wrinkled, voice lowering again and head tilting toward the morsel "And we eat it?"

"Uh huh", Replied Dad neither looking at Boston, nor seeing where this was going.

Boston has seen crabs in the store. He has also seen them on TV. Eight legs, hard shell and all the funny looking walk that you could ask for. He knows what a crab looks like. Thus, in a voice just above a whisper, and with all the sincerity that a two year old can muster he asked, "Is it dead?"

A two year old certainly sees the world as it is explained to him. Dad just needs to explain the explanation.

Potty Training 101

One morning Boston told me that he was only going t
o wear big boy potty pants from now on. I was a little leery to just jump into the whole potty training process at the drop of a hat, but he was so determined that I couldn't say no. So it began. A few accidents here and there for the first few days. By the fourth day he had it down pretty good and that was that. I was completely surprised at the simplicity. Remington took 3 months to go an entire day with out an accident. I had to pat myself on the back.

After week two I began to realize it wasn't going to
be as easy as I had previously thought. Though Boston keeps his clothes dry, he has a hard time keeping the entire bathroom dry. Thus began the hourly scrub of the bathroom.

One evening we caught Boston sitting on his little pott
y and the floor and the big toilet and the toilet paper was soaked. He looked so disappointed. After a few minutes of instruction on how we keep the bathroom dry, he looked up and said, "I missed." We just stared back at him with an obvious nod. Then he pointed to the big toilet across the bathroom and said, "I missed." The realization came and we all burst into laughter. He had been trying to pee into the big potty across the room while sitting on his little potty, but... he missed. (note the dripping wet toilet paper roll)