August 25, 2011

Cheese Car

Yesterday we were at a farmer's market and found someone selling goat cheeses. Ryan loves to eat cheese. So, he gave into temptation and bought a tub of garlic rosemary goat cheese. Of course, Boston volunteered to be in charge of carrying it. We call Boston the Hambino because he is our only child that likes to eat meat (or anything for that matter). So it wasn't a big surprise that he wanted to get his hands on the food.
When we were a few blocks from home we caught Boston opening the tub trying to sneak a taste. We told him he had to keep it closed so it wouldn't spill all over the car. Then Remington said with a worried tone, "Yeah, if it spilled in the car, everyone would call it the cheese car and laugh at us."
Ryan and I laughed the rest of the way home. Just think how horrified our children would be if all their friends made fun of them for riding in a cheese car.