May 14, 2010


My boys never cease to amaze me. Especially when it comes to throwing a fit! They are very creative and put on a variety of performances to test what works best for getting mom's attention.

Last week Boston put on his very best performance and it certainly grabbed my attention! He wanted to play with something that Remington had and for once didn't get his way. So, he started off with the pout face and the whiny voice of disapproval. Then he stamped his feet on the floor, all the while looking to see if anyone was paying attention. Seeing that he wasn't making an impact, he ramped up the drama by lifting up his knees really high and running in place. I gave him a disapproving look and that is when his emotions broke free. He started running around the living room as fast as he could, screaming at the top of his lungs. Our living room is rather small and because toys were strewn around the room the only way he could run without stopping was to run in a little 4 foot circle. After 5 or 6 laps I just burst out into laughter. He looked so funny and it certainly took me by surprise! The best part was that as soon as he saw me laughing he started to crack up and totally forgot that he was mad.

May 5, 2010

Virtual Reality

Today my boys announced that they wanted to play video games and since we don't have any video games in our house, this obviously meant that they would be exercising their imaginations today.

They both ran over, sat on the couch and started making shooting noises. Then the yelling began. "Go the other way!" "Follow me." "No, I'm the red guy!" I could feel a potential headache coming on, so I asked them to play a different game, like race cars. Remington, without breaking his gaze, answered me in all seriousness using his bored video gamer voice and said, "I can't play that, I lost that game."

Minutes later, Boston started to get bored with the way Remington was playing the game and announced that he was going to play batman on his own video game console. Seconds later, Boston stood up ran over to the wall where, I assume, Remington's video game console was and started pushing imaginary buttons complete with sound effects. He took out Remington's video game and crumbled it on his chest and used a saw to further destroy it. Remington freaked out and started yelling , "NOW I WILL NEVER GET TO PLAY IT!" Within seconds, I saw the creative juices flow in Remington's eyes. He ran over to where he pretended Boston's console was and said, "fine, I will just play Batman." Boston freaked out, stomping his feet and screaming, "No!"

After we were done playing pretend, I was very grateful to not have spent hundreds of dollars on video games just to have my kid's fight over them and break them. Who needs to spend money when our imaginations are just as good as the real thing?