February 22, 2011

More Mommy Moments

Just a quick update of my favorite mommy moments as of late.

Josh is becoming more of a little guy, giving hugs, waving and trying to stand up by himself. The most cutest thing he does is when you ask for kisses he leans in and touches his forehead to your lips. So precious, I love it!

A little while ago Boston was playing stunt devil on (or should I say off) the couch. It was making us nervous. He isn't the most sure footed boy... Dad said, "Boston stop jumping off the couch or you will crack your head." Boston was disappointed and looked a little puzzled too. Then after a few minutes, he was standing above Dad on the couch inspecting his bald spot and asked "Dad, did you crack your head?"

Boston and Remington have invented a new game called "Microwave." Every time they get bored waiting for meal time they take turns pretending to be the microwave "vrooooooming" very loudly. So, it's not uncommon for me to hear Boston yelling "Okay, okay, now it's my turn to be the microwave. Push the button! BEEP BEEP! BEEEEEEP! VRRRROOOOOOOM"

February 3, 2011


Remington has recently become my little inventor. He is constantly thinking of things that he can build. It all started in November when Ryan decided to make me a fancy necklace for Christmas. Remington was always watching him. He started thinking and came up with idea after idea.

When I say he is thinking constantly, I mean every second. When I am helping him with homework, he will finish writing one thing and daze off. When I try to get him focused he has to explain the ins and outs of his newest invention he has come up with during the previous 10 seconds.

Then every time we have an empty box he hurries and grabs it before I can throw it away. He is always asking little questions that make me wonder what what he is up to, like "how do you make glass stuff?" or "is this made out of plastic?"

I am finding the possibilities are endless with cardboard. I am starting to think that if he keeps it up he will invent something in the next few years that will make us millions!

His ideas and inventions as of late are...

A humane spring loaded cereal box mouse trap.

A variety of crayon and paper holders.

A rough cardboard version of a gps.

A cardboard magnifying glass.

A cardboard race track for his hot wheels.

A rhinestone necklace for mom.

A map of where we are going on our errands for the day.

And various types of apparel and accessories in designer cardboard.

One of the best is his superhero mask he made today!